Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss

Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss. Chapter 5 “Lin Palace (2)”

June 9, 2016

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Chapter 5: “Lin Palace (2)”

That very man was the one who wounded her and pushed her down into the abyss. If it weren’t for those trees growing by the cliff breaking her fall, she wouldn’t have had this second chance in life.

Not suicide, but homicide.

Jun Wu Xie’s mind quickly pondered on the situation. Whether that masked man in black was the Second Prince himself did not matter. This definitely was related to him one way or another.

Jun Xian had contributed greatly to the expansion of the Kingdom’s borders with his elite troops – the Rui Lin Army. No one else wanted to get tangled with them unless they were courting death! Even the current Emperor is polite towards Jun Xian.

His Majesty still treats Lin Palace with extra care but the decline of the Jun family is apparent. Jun Xian had two sons, but one died and the other was disabled leaving only a wastrel Jun Wu Xie who only knew how to keep her nose in the clouds. The future of the Jun family looked bleak.

It can be said that today’s Lin Palace is just a paper tiger, the main powerhouse Jun Xian was already over seventy years old.

After all he’s been through so much especially since after that great war which caused him to lose his eldest son and crippled his younger son, all the hardships had contributed to Jun Xian’s health deteriorating coupled with occasional bouts of illnesses and his age, he feared didn’t have much time left. As of late, the Royal family has been acting more blatantly towards the Lin palace.

Jun Wu Xie’s encounter could very well be the designs the Royal family had towards the Lin Palace.

[It’s obvious that the second prince no longer holds the Lin Palace in regards and even dared to act so brazenly.]

The black cat muttered. At first it had thought that its master was reborn into a good home, but did not expect her to be embroiled in such a situation where she still had to fight for her own survival.

Jun Wu Xie raised her eyebrow slightly.

The small black cat immediately curled into a ball, burying its head between its pair of furry paws.

Seeing that his granddaughter was silent, most probably still feeling scared, Jun Xian did not nag any further. He looked lovingly at Wu Xie and said: “It’s alright, as long as you are back, take a good rest, if you need anything, call your brother.”


Jun Wu Xie searched through the memories yet she did not find any “brother”. Jun Xian had only two sons, the eldest son was her father, while her mother had died soon after she gave birth to Jun Wu Xie. In that fateful war, she had lost her father in the bloody battlefield and her uncle was gravely injured and had became a cripple.

“Wu Yao, come in and take care of your sister, I’m heading out for awhile.” Jun Xian called out.

The door was pushed open and a tall man’s figure could be seen.

She looked at her “brother” in amazement.

Exquisite handsome face just like God’s most perfect work, that magnetic pair of eyes as dark as night.

“Yes.” The man smiled.

Jun Xian nodded with satisfaction, he repeatedly nagged at Wu Xie to rest before he left this pair of siblings alone.

On one end of the room stood Jun Wu Xie and at the other end stood a dazzlingly striking Wu Yao.

The next moment, a black shadow flashed by Wu Xie’s body and in front of Wu Xie stood a little black cat fiercely guarding her as it stood by the bed with it’s small mouth slightly curled up revealing it’s sharp teeth as it hissed.

Jun Wu Yao casually looked at the small hissing figure while he leisurely walked over and slowly pulled out the chair as he sat down on the chair and crossed his legs, his gaze finally landed on Jun Wu Xie.


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  1. Chapter freaking 4 is a blank page for some reason everytime i refresh its blank but other pages arent

  2. Every chapter seems to be leaving me puzzled, but still intrigued. X)

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