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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss. “Chapter 7 Uninvited Guests (1)”

June 9, 2016

Hi Guys,

I’m sooooo sorry, I’m a tech idiot and did everything the old skool way by cutting and pasting instead of using the savvy tools so basically all my followers and previous comment have all been lost. I really treasure all of you guys. For those who started out with me, please start following this site instead. I know it’s such a pain!!! ( And I’m sure you would want me to spend my time releasing chapter 7 instead of figuring all these techy stuff out… =p )

Once again I’m very sorry and I promised that I had apology chapters so here’s chapter 7
I screwed up migrating the site which is actually the same address but different web host (I seriously have no idea what’s the difference) but it’s really a pain to repair the links with Novel Updates and all… So thank you allllll for your love and understanding and I’m gonna be good and NOT do anything so techy anymore and just spend time translating! =)

So please subscribe to this site instead thanks!!!



  1. Thanks for the apology chapters, this story is interesting but the chapters end in cliff hangers which make me want to cry 🙁

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