I’m soooo sorry!!!

June 9, 2016

Hi guys, I’m so sorry…I’m bad with these techy stuff and I changed my web host and went to sleep. There were some problems before but they solved it but that meant a lot of you couldn’t get to read and I know how that feels…so as an apology bonus chapters coming right up!!!

Once again please bear with me..I’m soooo sorry and hope this will be the last apology ever!


And for those who read the previous chapter 5 and was confused you might wanna read it again as I kinda submitted it over my mobile as I was just about to enter dream land so here’s a better version with better formatting.


Thank you everyone for your patience!!!

  1. I thought you removed your blog..
    Thankfully it is just a mistake… ???
    I’m quite interested in this novel…

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