Dark Beast Summoner Ch 132.3

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Chapter 132.3: Merperson Core


Mu Wushuang did not even bother to turn her head around.

Long Aotian burst into an unbridled rage.

“Concubine Yao! How dare you lay your hands on the Lady Mistress! !”

COncubine Yao’s ears were ringing but in the midst of her hazy consciousness, she seemed to have heard something. “Lady Mistress?”

Mu Wushuang is the City Lord’s Lady Mistress? She is the Lady of the Lord whom the City Lord always spoke of with the utmost respect?

A mouthful of blood spurted out from her mouth, and Concubine Yao went completely pale.

“I’m just so disappointed in you Concubine Yao! I had thought that I would take you as my wedded wife when we got back, and make you the Lady of the City Lord, but you….. You’ve disappointed me again and again! The Young Miss is my Lord’s Lady, and Long Aotian’s Lady Mistress. Just atone for your crime by taking your own life.”

Long Aotian said icily to Concubine Yao.


Concubine Yao shook her head vehemently!

She could not be any more remorseful! How could she have known Mu Wushuang’s identity! ? And she would never have expected that the City Lord would really want to make her the Lady of the City Lord!

The thought that she was supposed to become the Lady of the City Lord, to stand above all and subservient only to one, her chest felt so painful as if she was being forced to swallow knives!

Regret! Utter and complete regret!

“Great City Lord! Your concubine was wrong! Your concubine will not dare to do it again! I beg that you spare me just this once! For the sake that I stayed faithfully by your side for the past eight years! Forgive your concubine please!”

Concubine Yao knelt on the ground and begged mournfully, regretful of what she had done.

Long Aotian’s face was impassively cold. From the moment that Concubine Yao had raised her hand against the Lady Mistress, he had already sentenced Concubine Yao to death.

Even though she had stayed with him for eight long years, nobody can ever harbour any intention to harm the Lady Mistress!

To even dare to strike the Lady Mistress, there was no way he could possibly let her live!


“Little Vermillion, Little Bird, what is the Mermaid Pearl actually?”

As Mu Wushuang continued to walk within the astral wind, she asked the handsome spirit artifacts in her dimensional space.

The pearl that was held in her hand gave off a faint reddish glow under the dimly lit environment she was in.

She knew a little bit about mermaids, like how a mermaid’s tears would turn into pearls.

But it was said that the merpeople tribe had gone extinct a long time ago.

Little Vermillion replied in an impassioned voice.

“Mistress, a Mermaid Pearl is a merperson’s inner core. The purer the bloodline is, the brighter the pearl will be. This red Mermaid Pearl you are holding should be the inner core of a merperson who was of the Merpeople Tribe’s royal lineage, and would have inherited the powers of the merpeople. There are probably less than five of such red Mermaid Pearls throughout the entire world. A Mermaid Pearl helps to drive away evil and allows its holder to conceal his aura. And that is not all there is to it. It is said that these Mermaid Pearls are also a hidden treasure map of the merpeople. Mistress, try infusing a little of your spirit powers into it and see whether you can spot any black marks or lines on it.”

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