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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss 

Our Current Schedule is 6 regular chapters a week and now we’re on Patreon. Do click on our Patreon page to see how close we are to achieving our goals.



What are goals?

We have goals on Patreon and once we reach our first tier of achieving $500, we’ll release an extra dose of happiness to match a regular chapter! Once we’ve reached our 2nd goal of $1,000, that’s another extra dose of happiness! $1,500 and above will have another extra dose of happiness!

On top of that all patrons will get early access to the chapters, depending on the amount you pledge, some as early as 24 hours! We’ll be releasing a more detailed reward structure soon!

Scheduled Chapter Release: 6 Regular Chapters a week.

Yay! We’ve hit our first goal! *fireworks*

Current Schedule: 6 Regular Chapters a week + 6 extra doses of happiness a week


Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss

Current Chapters in Queue: 0

Schedule: 2 Regular Chapters a week

Supported Chapter: $35 per chapter. 1 extra dose of happiness a week *

Please click on our support page to contribute to the queue, thank you!

*We like clearing queues at Misty Cloud Translations so if there’s a long queue, we may have more than 1 extra dose a week! Thanks for your support!




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  • Linh Huynh
  • Ji Kim
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  • Nicole Barney
  • Jakob Marolt
  • Cristina Raileanu
  • Nida Chaithiraphan
  • Sean Hoogland
  • Matthew Vargo
  • Carol Wong
  • Fawzi Mohamed


Hall of Fame for Genius Doctor Black Belly Miss

Violet Spirit (Overlord)

  • Akhtar

Indigo Spirit (Elder)

  • Fresia Gardner

Blue Spirit (Master)

  • Joan
  • Cia

Green Spirit (Senior Disciple)

  • Sharifah Nur
  • Linh Huynh
  • Nieve Mireia

Yellow Spirit (Disciple Mentor)

  • Chimon Rodrigo
  • John Harrison
  • Arike Idowu
  • Mimi
  • Florian Kröger
  • Beadgirl
  • Zachary Paul
  • Uinise Fuapau
  • Florian Stuettgen
  • Noor Aini Ariffin
  • ShaligaR
  • Tram Tu
  • Rodrigue Herve
  • Sheepys
  • katann13

Orange Spirit (Ordinary Disciple)

  • slonik
  • Shawn T
  • James Smith
  • Hikari
  • julia
  • Rynna
  • KSWatanabe
  • Forest Master
  • cahmil
  • Charlotte Solberg
  • Oyuna Garmaeva
  • Hipployta
  • Lema Waihi
  • kirindas

Red Spirit (New Disciple)

  • Cheena Rodriguez
  • Kayla Kigawa
  • Duyen Nguyen-Ta
  • Toàn Nguyen
  • Jae
  • Jc Cheong
  • Noor wann sherlyana
  • Fawzi Mohamed
  • Guillaume
  • Deborah1827
  • Michelle Phalanukorn
  • Jakob Marolt
  • Pimeow
  • Samantha Capaul
  • Dante
  • Ian W.

*Please note that this page will be updated on a daily basis! If you don’t see your name up there yet, do give us some time, thanks!

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