Lord Meh Meh Contest

Calling all GDBBM & Lord Meh Meh Fans~

We’ve heard you! What does Lord Meh Meh look like? 

Our competition has officially ended! Thank you everyone for all your contribution! We’ve set up the like buttons so go ahead and vote for your favourite Lord Meh Meh! (So the like button totally slowed the site down..and we’re exploring other ways to make this vote simpler…sor hang in there! We’ll be putting up these great art for votes real soon! Thanks! )

And so what I’ve explored and tried seem to not work very well so let’s come down to the old skool way of… *drumroll* COMMENTS!!!! YES! Hahahhahaa, please comment on your favourite number and we’ll be tallying the results… Please choose one only. I know, tough choice..ugh!!! They are all sooooo amazing….!!!!!! But…we’ve said we’d crown one so..we’ve gotta do it! *hardens heart*

There are 31 artworks for you to vote from but some have submitted a few pics, we’ll just count that under one contestant! Woooooooo Hooo!! Let’s give everyone a huge round of applause for all the love!!!

Once again, contestants, sorry this dragged on for sooo long! Thanks soooooooo much for your understanding and do drag your friends over to this page to vote! *wink*

Contest: Lord Meh Meh

Voting: 2 June to 18 June

Ready…Let’s GO!

*Fireworks and confetti* to start off this contest!


We wanna know! In the mystical realms on our readers’ boundless imaginations, how does this fluffily and incredibly adorably majestic beast look like?

I’m sure all of Lord Meh Meh’s fans around the world have their most impressive and cutest depictions of our most selfless, noble sheep with its insatiable appetite! Not that artistically inclined? Plead, beg, kidnap, grab, grovel at someone’s feet….. coerce someone who is, force him/her to read the novel and then let them do their magic as your own personal ring spirit. whahaha.

No such person in mind? Attempt the unknown and grab a pencil…pen…mouse…charcoal…or whatever spirit power you manage to summon up, basically …whatever works. It’s just a fun round of tribute to all our fans out there. Who can resist the charm of Lord Meh Meh?

Please submit your original artwork to mistycloudtranslations@gmail.com and we’ll be posting the pictures here and then let’s put them up to a vote the creations from all our fans and voted by all our fans!!!

Super excited to see our Lord Meh Meh! “Meh~”

Please note that once you submit this entry, you agree to let us use this image at our own discretion. I’m sure we’ll have endless fun with it! (Nope we wont doodle over it, rest assured.) We respect everyone’s picture!  So let’s go! Let’s do this and do a tribute to our awesome Lord Meh Meh!

Entry 01:
Artist: Ryss 

01. Ryss’ Lord Meh Meh


Entry 02:
Artist: Croco roy

02. Croco roy’s Lord Meh Meh


Entry 03 & 04:
Artist: LeAnne Gilkes

03. LeAnne Gilkes 01


04. LeAnne Gilkes 02


Entry 05 & 06:
Artist: Pandapoker

06. Pandapoker’s (French) Lord Meh Meh


Entry 07:
Artist: MSPaintWookie

07. MSPaintWookie


Entry 08 & 09:
Artist: JHQ

08. “Your Grass is Gold” by JHQ


09. “Three MEHsketer” by JHQ


Entry 10:
Artist: Kuro Kitsuneko

10. Lord Meh Meh, Big Form by Kuro Kitsuneko


Entry 11:
Artist: bookworm1307

11. bookworm1307’s Lord Meh Meh


Entry 12:
Artist: Sia Lia

12. “Am I not cute enough?” by Sia Lia


Entry 13:
Artist: Kristy Lee

13. Kristy Lee’s Lord Meh Meh


Entry 14:
Artist: Mira L!!

14. Mira L’s Sad Lord Meh Meh


Entry 15 to 17:
Artist: Stopandgo

15. Floofish Lord Meh Meh by Stopandgo


16. Floofy Snowball Meh Meh by Stopandgo

17. His Lordship Meh Meh by Stopandgo


Entry 18:
Artist: Aiki

18. A Wild Lord Meh Meh Appears by Aiki


Entry 19 & 20:
Artist: Enna

19. Enna’s Lord Meh Meh

(Lord Meh Meh’s first appearance in the Battle Spirit Forest)

20. Enna’s Lord Meh Meh Sketch


Entry 21:
Artist: Brie Elic

21. Brie Elic’s Lord Meh Meh


Entry 22:
Artist: tanuja101

22. Jun Xie & Co. by Tanuja


Entry 23:
Artist: Dana Wallace

23. Dana Wallace’s Lord Meh Meh 


Entry 24:
Artist: Seiji

24. Seiji’s Lord Meh Meh


Entry 25:
Artist: KC 

25. KC ‘s Lord Meh Meh


Entry 26 & 27:
Artist: Kiroxsu Ninohaxi

26. Kiroxsu Ninohaxi ‘s Lord Meh Meh


27. Kiroxsu Ninohaxi ‘s Lord Meh Meh


Entry 28:
Artist: Alexa Nenkova

28. Alexa Nenkova’s Lord Meh Meh


Entry 29:
Artist: RLG

30: RLG’s Lord Meh Meh



Entry 30:
Artist: Anasia 

30. Anasia’s Lord Meh Meh


Entry 31:
Artist: Jun Wu Xie Fangirl

31. It’s so fluffy by Jun Wu Xie Fangirl


Photo Submission:


Contributed by: NiYan Yap


Contributed by Anne Akamz

  1. All are soooo cute!!! Favorites are 8 & 9, “your grass is gold” lol and #9 JWX crying tears of frustration and little black facepalming hahaha… lotus is inside the gourd I suppose..would be nice to see the cute little lotus and drunk lotus !

  2. Darn if my exams didn’t end until the end of the month I would totally try x3

    Any french readers here? Going to try to whip out my french skills that I haven’t used since almost a year ago:

    #6 – “Dessinez-moi comme une de vos filles francaises” (Spare me, I’m Canadian :p)

  3. They are all so good! I’m surprised no one hasn’t done his huge beast form yet though??? The cuddling for warmth scene below heavens end cliff would be so cute!!!! Too bad I can’t draw to save my life….

    1. if you can’t draw to save your life, maybe your painting might just kill everyone here! All entries welcome!! 😉

    1. sorry Tamago, i changed the number sequence a little, I would assume you meant number 8 if based on the old sequence.. Apologies for the change! thank you for all your comments!

      1. Yeah, no worries. I just wish i could draw…. I want to share my imagination of how Lord Meh Meh would look like…

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