Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

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Here’s the novel by 水卿卿.

When trash become a genius—one word: Fierce! Two words: Two-faced! Three words: Too heaven defying!

She is the foremost and outstanding armament refining master. Passing through a dynasty, and became a publicly humiliated and bullied Third Young Miss. Ancient beasts, too outrageous? Obediently become a docile pet, or I’ll make you into soup!

Ninth rank talent, rare talent in a thousand years? She born with a godly constitution, crushing all geniuses!

Peak level Profound Grade Armament, beyond priceless? Sorry to embarrass, but the bowl she uses to feed the cat is already at the God Grade…..she possessed a pair of eyes that could see through everything, yet she couldn’t see through—him!

Merely exposing his demonic smile, Prince Mou lightly loosened his belt: “Can’t see through? Do not fret, you can slowly view when you return to the room. I’ll allow you to scrupulously inspect from head to toe.”

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Chapter 1 : “Lighting the Soul and Scattering”

Chapter 2: “The Good-for-nothing’s rebirth”

Chapter 3: “Third Sister….Spare Me”

Chapter 4: “An Embarrassing Thing”

 Chapter 5: “Fourth Miss Really Ran!”

Chapter 6: “An Imposing and Strong Man”

Chapter 7: “What Are You Crying For!”

Chapter 8: “Really A Peak Level Trash”

Chapter 9: ” The Flirtatious Phoenix”

Chapter 10: “Teaching The Brat A Lesson”

Chapter 11: “Heaven Defying Cultivation Method”

Chapter 12: “This Female Devil is So Scary”

Chapter 13: “The Money is Delivered to the Door”

Chapter 14: “So Overcome with Rage that Words Fail”

Chapter 15: “Repaying a debt is Heaven’s Law and Earth’s Principle”

Chapter 16: “Why Don’t You Go Steal It?”

Chapter 17: “Do You Know What This Is?”

Chapter 18: “The High Status Armament Refiner”

Chapter 19: “There Will Be A Time When She Cries”

Chapter 20: “Meeting Again”

Chapter 21: “Diligently Learning, Striving for Improvement”

Chapter 22: “Even Her Intestines are Black!”

Chapter 23: “True Phoenix Flames”

Chapter 24: “Comes knocking for a beating”

Chapter 25: “Bumping into something?”

Chapter 26: “A Small White Lotus”

Chapter 27: “Are You Guys Fools?”

Chapter 28: “If Sick, Hurry Up and Cure It!”

Chapter 29: “Your conscience had been eaten by a dog”

Chapter 30: “Demanding money no matter what!”

Chapter 31: “I Have Faith in You!”

Chapter 32 – “Throwing oneself out to prove”

Chapter 33 – “The little phoenix Wang Cai”

Chapter 34 – “Third Tier Armament Master”

Chapter 35 – “Do not insult my intelligence”

Chapter 36 – “The material deliverer is here”

Chapter 37 – “The latter part is unprotected”

Chapter 38 – “Having eyes but failing to recognise Mount Tai”

Chapter 39 – “He wants to meet you”

Chapter 40 -“Identity uncovered”

Chapter 41 – “The all-powerful man”

Chapter 42 – “Exchanging with a kiss”

Chapter 43 – “This position isn’t so bad”

Chapter 44 – “Really too young”

Chapter 45 – “The ‘delicate’ female beauty”

Chapter 46 – “A poisonous tongue deserving of a spanking”

Chapter 47 – “The Crown Prince choosing his Imperial Concubine”

Chapter 48 – “The guilty person goes to complain first”

Chapter 49 – “Choosing a servant”

Chapter 50 – “You want to touch my people?”

Chapter 51 – “One punch sent flying”

Chapter 52 – “Your taste is really strong!”

Chapter 53 – “Good, good future prospects!”

Chapter 54 – “Becoming skewers”

Chapter 55 – “Fainting from anger, on the spot”

Chapter 56 – “Wishing to cry but lacking the tears”

Chapter 57 – “Pig head, who are you?”

Chapter 58 – “The ridiculous Second Uncle”

Chapter 59 – “Killing two birds with one stone” 

Chapter 60 – “Such a good web of plans!”

Chapter 61 – “Wonderful composition”

Chapter 62 – “Careful, a loose tongue can cause a lot of trouble”

Chapter 63 – “You are fit to become the Crown Prince’s Imperial Concubine?”

Chapter 64 – “Demanding back the estates”

Chapter 65 – “It’s all her fault!”

Chapter 66 – “The falling out between sisters”

Chapter 67 – “Your attacks are so deadly”

Chapter 68 – “This Lord also has beauty standards”

Chapter 69 – “Want to drink tea you brewed”

Chapter 70 – “The taste isn’t bad”

Chapter 71 – “This Lord will accomplish it to the end”

Chapter 72 – “Depends on your behaviour”

Chapter 73 – “The remnant of Bai Liu Feng”

Chapter 74 – “Smash everything for me”

Chapter 75 – ” The concealed Hidden Technique”

Chapter 76 – “The child who did not fear for his life or death”

Chapter 77 – “Your heart is too evil!”

Chapter 78 – “Bloodline’s suppressive might”

Chapter 79 – “Happiness came too quickly!”

Chapter 80 – “Bai Ruo Li’s experience”

Chapter 81 – “An unforeseen accident”

Chapter 82 – “Little thing, where do you want to go?”

Chapter 83 – “A beauty sense problem?”

Chapter 84 – “An expression exclusive to him”

Chapter 85 – “Really likes that interesting person”

Chapter 86 – “Bumping into a nail”

Chapter 87 – “His Highness the Crown Prince”

Chapter 88 – “A match made in heaven”

Chapter 89 – “You dare to speak to me like this?!”

Chapter 90 – “The trash that offends public morals”

Chapter 91 – “You dare to touch this Lord’s woman?”

Chapter 92 – “Her man, did you not hear?”

Chapter 93 – “Just by you? You are not fit!”

Chapter 94 – “Only so”

Chapter 95 – Jealously will take your life

Chapter 96 – Enduring this first

Chapter 97 – What qualifications does she have?

Chapter 98 – How can here be such a convenient thing?

Chapter 99 – The auction begins

Chapter 100 – Spirit Raising Pill

Chapter 101 – The little fox sure has a lot of secrets

Chapter 102 – Coveting for a long time

Chapter 103 – Don’t mention how furious they were

Chapter 104 – I want to report you

Chapter 105 – She has no right to sit there!

Chapter 106 – Heart is a mess

Chapter 107 – Dare to gamble?

Chapter 108 – This Lord cannot afford to lose this face!

Chapter 109 – Impossible, this is impossible!

Chapter 110 – Keeping Quiet out of fear

Chapter 111 – Still haven’t given up? !

Chapter 112 – The little thing’s cheeks are really soft

Chapter 113 – Third Level Profound Armament

Chapter 114 – Didn’t come in vain

Chapter 115 – Increasing instantly

Chapter 116 – Did you become stupid from looking at this Lord for too long?

Chapter 117 – Waiting for you to mature into a little steamed bun

Chapter 118 –  Ingenious work

Chapter 119 – How much……….can one jin of reputation be worth?

Chapter 120 – Yearning for that sweet memory

Chapter 121 – Was it you who injured master?

Chapter 122 – Hitting is family, scolding is love

Chapter 123 – No interest towards your body

Chapter 124 – Auction suspended

Chapter 125 – Rejoicing endlessly

Chapter 126 – Gaining such a big advantage

Chapter 127 – Deserving to be called His Highness the Crown Prince!

Chapter 128 – You aren’t possibly holding the intention to go back on your debt?

Chapter 129 – You pay money, I collect money

Chapter 130 – Denying till death

Chapter 131 – Enduring to the point of internal injuries

Chapter 132 – It should you who maliciously raised the prices!

Chapter 133 – Counting chickens before they hatch

Chapter 134 – Lining up to eat

Chapter 135 – It’s so hard to say the truth!

Chapter 136 – Have you made a mistake?

Chapter 137 – Crown Prince, quell your anger

Chapter 138 – Sudden change in weather

Chapter 139 – You are mistaken in two places

Chapter 140 – She can be the witness!

Chapter 141 – Losing the family fortune

Chapter 142 – Sticking a wedge in between

Chapter 143 – Huang Yue Li’s devotion to righteousness inspires reverence

Chapter 144 – Sold by others yet still helping to count the money

Chapter 145 – A true VIP guest

Chapter 146 – Rare herb

Chapter 147 – Both strong and valiant

Chapter 148 – The Royal Family’s Treasury

Chapter 149 – A dark, windy night

Chapter 150 – Obtaining the Fire Cloud Pearls

Chapter 151 – The Royal personally arriving

Chapter 152 – This thief is too treacherous

Chapter 153 – Hot in pursuit

Chapter 154 – Your dog eyes are blind!

Chapter 155 – An unbridled kiss

Chapter 156 – Too shameless!

Chapter 157 – Why don’t you bite me?

Chapter 158 – Words of deja vu

Chapter 159 – Who is your little fox?

Chapter 160 – I don’t need your protection!

Chapter 161 – Throwing oneself into their arms

Chapter 162 – Following the path to your demise

Chapter 163 – Don’t you dare speak nonsense!

Chapter 164 – He really dared!

Chapter 165 – This is not nearly enough

Chapter 166 – The little fox who came to see the show

Chapter 167 – The true colours behind the mask

Chapter 168 – Seeing a ghost!

Chapter 169 – Subduing the Golden Scaled Guards

Chapter 170 – Truly………too similar

Chapter 171 – That pair of eyes

Chapter 172 – Imaging the reciprocated love

Chapter 173 – What do you want me to do?

Chapter 174 – Past events


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