Dark Beast Summoner Ch 130.1

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Chapter 130.1: The Lord’s Things Is Also Yours


What Long Aotian was feeling at that moment can be described with just two words —- Utter disbelief!  

From level one astral wind to level six astral wind, the Lady Mistress and his younger brother had only taken less than half an hour’s time, and the spirit energy enveloping their bodies were still highly strong and robust.

As if….. their spirit energy was endless and would not run out!

Even for himself, his spirit energy had depleted by quite a fair amount, unable to do it with as much ease as those two young siblings!

And Concubine Yao with her Spirit Master level’s fifth stage cultivation, has already fully exhausted all her spirit energy! She had no choice but to put on the protective gear.

Despite the great disparity between their cultivation levels!

It must be known that between the Spirit Master and Spirit Disciple levels, there was still the Spirit Warrior level, and every level consisted of a further nine stages! It could be seen from here how great the difference between them should be.

However, the Spirit Master Concubine Yao’s spirit energy has depleted completely, while the Spirit Disciple Lady Mistress and her younger brother still looked no different as when they had first stepped in.

If Mu Wushuang knew how shocked Long Aotian was feeling at that moment, she would have just laughed. In her previous life, people like her were called players who pay to win.

Because she had small recovery elixirs, and others did not.

She could afford to consume them non stop, so she was able to recover her spirit energy endlessly.

But others would not be able to do that, unable to do anything as they watch the spirit energy in their bodies run out bit by bit.

Concubine Yao did not have any more spirit energy to shield her body. Although she was wearing the protective gear, when the level six astral wind struck her, she felt as if her bones were going to break.

But Long Aotian’s attention was focused upon Mu Wushuang and her younger brother, and not showing any affection care towards Concubine Yao’s distress.

Hatred consumed Concubine Yao. She had seen how hard Long Aotian was trying to win Mu Wushuang’s favour throughout the entire trip and was so respectful towards the young lady. This was a side of the man she had never seen before which made her feel indignant and resentful.

Finally, they reached the place where the spirit stone mind was.

The spirit stone mine was located very deep inside a mountain cave and the astral winds did not reach there. Without the astral wind cutting into her body like countless blades, Concubine Yao could finally relax.

“Concubine Yao, you can just wait here.”

Long Aotian said sternly to Concubine Yao after he gestured invitingly to Mu Wushuang and Mu Yuheng to go on ahead.

Concubine Yao’s face almost turned green from jealous rage. He was allowing Mu Wushuang and her younger brother in but making her remain outside to wait. There were so many guards around watching them and they would surely think that a woman who had been by the City Lord’s side for seven eight odd years could not even compare to a young lady who just recently came!

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