Dark Beast Summoner Ch 131.1

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Chapter 131.1: Beat Up That Crybaby


“No problem! Of course no problem! Mistress, after our dimensional space leveled up, we can even store several times this amount of spirit stones!”

Little Vermillion and Little Bird crooned confidently, thumping their chest with pride.

“That’s good.”

At least she did not have to worry where she was going to store all these spirit stones.

This wasn’t the time to be bashful and she would not refuse the Imperial Uncle’s kind intentions. She would be able to put these spirit stones to good use and she could not possibly reject all these spirit stones just because she thought the gift was a little too generous.

The Imperial Uncle’s gesture was like rain that came just in time, giving her hand at a most critical juncture.

But she never liked receiving such favours for nothing, and did not like taking advantage of others. She knew that she would want to return the favour someday.

She did not ask Long Yi whether the Imperial Uncle was still here in the Nine Heavens Continent as even if he had left, she had decided that whatever she owes the man, she would repay it all back sometime in the future, no matter where he was.

Mu Wushuang turned to look at Long Aotian and asked: “How many spirit stones are there left unmined?”

“Just this bit we see here. The rest of it has been stored in the rock cellar at the back, all ready and prepared for the Lady Mistress.”

As he spoke, he led the way towards an enormous rock cave at the back. It was almost bright as day in there, the entire space filled with shiny crystalline spirit stones that had been gathered, the thick robust spirit energy filling the cave with a white fog.

“Lady Mistress, your subordinate will go out to mine the rest of the spirit stones.”

Long Aotian thoughtfully took his leave.

“Yuheng, these spirit stones are given to us by the Imperial Uncle and I will make sure to give him something better in return in future. Take some of this and use it for cultivation. It will yield much better results than normal.”

Mu Wushuang said to her beautiful little brother.

Mu Yuheng shook his head. “I have a lot of time to cultivate everyday and do not need spirit stones. Keep it for yourself Sis.”

He would be able to make up for it with hard work. Even without spirit stones, he was still able to absorb the spirit energy from Heaven and Earth. HIs elder sister should keep something so good like spirit stones for herself.

“Although the little phoenix needs spirit stones, it does not really need all that much. Just do as you’re told and take some, or your sister here will get angry.”

Mu Wushuang rambled on for a bout, before she finally convinced her beautiful little brother to keep a few hundred spirit stones.

“Ouch. Cheep cheep cheep.”

The little phoenix let out a fake sobbing cry from its perch on the Chinese Parasol Tree.

“Cry some more and I’ll really beat up that crybaby!”

Mu Wushuang purposely put on a fierce angry tone.

The little phoenix whimpered pitifully and turned its head away, its beak turned indignantly high up in the air.

“This little lord here is so pitiful. Other people’s divine beasts all have spirit stones to eat but I can’t even have low grade spirit stones to fill my stomach.”

Mu Wushuang could not help but chuckle out loud.

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