Dark Beast Summoner Ch 132.2

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Chapter 132.2: Merperson Core


She knows what a Minor Recovery Elixir is! The Flowing Sands City was not that far away from the Howling Moon Dynasty’s Imperial Capital and when the Minor Recovery Elixir’s fame had exploded, word had spread here into their city. Although the Minor Recovery Elixir was just a grade one elixir, it had really amazing effects! It was said that that kind of elixir was lost to the world and had never been seen since ancient times, its effects not inferior to grade four or grade five elixirs! 

A single Minor Recovery Elixir would sell in the Imperial Capital for a heavenly sum! Here in the Flowing Sands City, it was absolutely impossible to find!    

No wonder the City Lord himself had said that the value of that one single bottle of elixirs was worth more than everything he had in the City Lord’s manor!

But, with merely a Spirit Disciple level in her cultivation, how could Mu Wushuang possibly come to possess a whole bottle of Minor Recovery Elixirs! ?

Is she just bluffing! ?

The City Lord was giving her such a valuable Mermaid Pearl in return for the gift, so if she was bluffing, the City Lord would make a grievous loss!

Concubine Yao immediately spoke up in a questioning tone.

“My Lord, I heard that it’s hard to find even one single Minor Recovery Elixir for any sum of money and this Young Missy here is able to just pull out an entire bottle of it so easily here. Do you think it could… be fake?”

“Shut up!”

Long Aotian immediately lashed out to give Concubine Yao one tight slap. As the Lady Mistress was there, he would deal with this woman properly when they get back!

How could the Lady Mistress’ gift be fake! ?

It’s the Lady Mistress! The woman that the Lord holds dearly in his heart! What kind of treasure would she not be able to have! ?

Concubine Yao is really such an utter disappointment!

Concubine Yao clasped her hand to her cheek, filled with disbelief. The City Lord who had never once lost his temper with her before had actually slapped her in front of these outsiders!

It must be because of this vixen! Just because she is beautiful looking? Her devotion for the past seven to eight years by his side really can’t even compare to a pretty face? 

“Young Miss, shall we leave?”

Long Aotian threw Concubine Yao a warning glance, and went on to escort the Lady Mistress and her young brother out.

Mu Wushuang had not given Concubine Yao another glance, ignoring the woman completely.

And that twisted up Concubine Yao’s heart even more!

When Mu Wushuang went walking into the astral winds, Concubine Yao suddenly lost it and took out her spirit whip, throwing its tip out in a wicked lash straight towards Mu Wushuang’s face.

She wanted to destroy that exquisite and flawless face, and she’ll then see what else she has to bewitch men with! ?


That single lash that carried all of Concubine Yao’s spirit power behind it did not land on Mu Wushuang’s face. It did not even manage to touch an inch of her body before it was caught by the hidden Long Yi, before Concubine Yao was sent flying through the air with a kick.

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