Dark Beast Summoner Ch 133.1

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Chapter 133.1: Elixir Cultivation Competition


After hearing what Little Vermillion said, Mu Wushuang lifted the Mermaid Pearl up and imbued it with a bit of her spirit energy. Faint black lines suddenly showed up on the smooth clean surface, looking like they could be lines of a map, but was a little too simplistic and vague. It seemed like one would not be able to tell that it was actually part of a map with just one single Mermaid Pearl.

“That’s it! That is a treasure map! You will need to put five of those Mermaid Pearls together to get a complete treasure map.” Little Vermillion said excitedly.

Little Bird then added. “The Merpeople Tribe are people who loved to collect all kinds of treasures other than people of the Dragon Tribe. The Merpeople were destroyed because they possessed too much treasure that made others envious. Not only that, the body of the Merperson is a treasure by itself and they experienced disastrous calamities many times because of that as well, which resulted in their race of people being completely wiped out in our present day.”

The two artifact spirits continued to chatter on about what they knew of the Merpeople Tribe.

Even if the Mermaid Pearl was not used as a treasure map, there were many other benefits to possessing it, as that was a Red Mermaid Pearl, the most precious among Mermaid Pearls. 

It allowed its holder to be able to mask and conceal his presence. Not just the person’s aura and cultivation, but to eradicate all traces of his very presence. For example, if Mu Wushuang took the Mermaid Pearl and hid herself in the shadows, as long as people were able to see her with their eyes, they would not be able to detect her presence at all, and no matter how high the person’s cultivation was, it would be impossible to sense any of her aura or to detect her presence.

Though Mu Wushuang had learnt a skill that allowed her to mask her cultivation, people with a slightly higher level of cultivation would be able to see through her disguise easily. But with the use of a Mermaid Pearl, one did not have to worry about being exposed.

Moving around in the pugilistic world of cultivation, a precious artifact that allowed one to hide their cultivation and presence would definitely come to be of great use!

Just by that one point alone, Mu Wushuang found that she liked it very much.

Other than that, the Mermaid Pearl was also able to drive away evil, keeping it at bay!

In this case, it was not referring to regular demon beasts and monsters, but against those from the evil tribe of darkness that existed in the world.

The Great Calamities that happened several hundred thousand years ago, which brought about the collapse of the Immortals Bridge, making it impossible for spirit cultivators to ascend into Heaven’s Realm, and where many countless kinds of powers future descendants were supposed to inherit by blood to be severed with many other skills and techniques to be lost. It was known that the dark tribe of evil had their hands deeply involved in stirring up all these calamitous events!

“The Dark Tribe, are the most vile and evil group of people in the world, capable of all kinds of foul and wicked deeds, born to feed on the dark and negative emotions in spirit cultivators, a pervasive scourge that spreads and permeates into each and every corner of the world!”

When speaking about the evil Dark Tribe, the two young artifact spirits immediately looked highly disgusted.

Back then, the evil Dark Tribe had infiltrated into all the various realms and continents, seeking to unify everything under their reign. They were best at devising arduously long schemes and heinous plots, able to live under a disguise for hundreds and hundreds of years in order to accomplish their objectives. 

That was how the evil Dark Tribe caused the great calamity that shook Heaven and Earth to erupt.

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