Dark Beast Summoner Ch 133.3

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Chapter 133.3: Elixir Cultivation Competition


It then dawned upon Mu Yuheng, and he thought silently to himself that this elder sister of his was really so black bellied to devise such a highly interesting solution!

Mu Ningxue’s face had been completely disfigured, and there was no elixir or medicine that could change that. Her face had been ruined because Mu Ningwei had shoved her, and Mu Ningxue surely hated her bitterly now.

Moreover, Mu Ningwei managed to escape but did not go save Mu Ningxue. That would just cause Mu Ningxue’s hatred towards Mu Ningwei to deepen even more. 

Once Mu Ningxue went back, she would undoubtedly make her move against Mu Ningwei.

Two venomous hearted sisters turned against each other. Wonder who would turn out triumphant.

It would be a vicious dogfight! A most interesting sight!

“Come sign up! Come sign up! The Elixir Refiners Guild’s Elixir Cultivation Grand Meet in the Imperial Capital will soon begin! All interested parties, come sign up quickly! The prize for first place in the Imperial Capital’s grand meet will be five hundred spirit stones!”

When they came back to the Flowing Sands, Mu Wushuang heard someone calling out in a loud cry.

Upon hearing that there was five hundred spirit stones to be won, her footsteps halted and she directed her consciousness to peer into her dimensional space. Lo and behold, it was just as she thought. The little phoenix had almost gobbled up all the few hundred spirit stones in its nest, and it was still continuing to munch away in bliss, looking like a squirrel nibbling on its stash of nuts. 

The prize of five hundred spirit stones was really quite tempting!

“Sis, you want to sign up? Let me help you go ask for more details!”

Mu Yuheng saw that his sister looked interested and he immediately went to squeeze among the crowd.

He found out that this grand meet organized by the Elixir Refiners Guild was a competition held once every three years, and  all Elixir Refiners in the Howling Moon Dynasty could take part. Preliminary rounds were being carried out in various locations and winners of the first ten positions from each precinct would then go on to compete in the grand meet.

The prize for coming in first place would be five hundred pieces of low grade spirit stones and the winner would also qualify in becoming an Elixir Refiner under the prestigious Elixir Refiners Guild.

The preliminary round in the Imperial Capital had ended and the ten winning positions were already determined, so it was too late to sign up for it even if they went back now. But the preliminaries in the Flowing Sands City had not started, and would only begin later in the afternoon.

The Flowing Sands City’s preliminaries would conclude today, and the first day of the grand meet in the Imperial Capital would begin tomorrow. Once they are done with the preliminary round today, they would have to travel overnight to go to the Imperial Capital, which would then allow them to make it in time for the grand meet.

Mu Yuheng came back to ask his sister’s opinion, and then went back to sign up for the competition on her behalf.

To get into the top ten spots, it would not pose a problem for his sister at all.

Long Aotian released Mu Ningxue, Ximen Ting and the other captives, and they all frantically went running back to the Imperial Capital.

Mu Yuheng remained behind to accompany his elder sister who was going to take part in the preliminaries happening later that afternoon.


Early the next morning.

The Elixir Cultivation Grand Meet organized by the Elixir Refiners Guild was right about to commence.

A sea of people filled the entire plaza, the competition gathering Elixir Refiners and spirit cultivators from all over the continent.

It was a grand event, where people would come to witness the fame of a new batch of Elixir Refiners rise and soar in this grand meet.

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