Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss

Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss Chapter 18:“Small White Lotus (3)”

June 19, 2016

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Chapter 18: “Small White Lotus (3)”

When a baby is born into this world, contractual spirits will form a bond with the human soul and the contractual spirits will sleep in the soul and only awaken at the age of fourteen. No known method except in the event of death, can separate them.

One can only form a bond with one contractual spirit for life, so no matter how useless her own contractual spirit is, she has no other choice in the matter and even more so to throw it out.

“The Spirit World” Little Lotus replied bitterly.

“That’s where you’re from?” This was the first time she’s heard of this place.

Little Lotus nodded, as if afraid of Jun Wu Xie disliking him, in a well-behaved manner he added: “Before the awakening, the contractual spirit will stay in the spirit world, if the person dies, we will go back there again. That place is terrifying, I’ve just managed to escape, please, do not throw me back, OK? ”

She’d like to, but can do that?

“I …… I can prove to be useful, please wait!” A sudden determination seemed to have possessed Little Lotus when he finally let go of her leg, his small frail body quivering as he stood up, lifted his tender little arm straight out in front of Jun Wu Xie.

“Ah?” Jun Wu Xie asked with big innocent eyes looking at him.

Little Lotus snorted, his tender little face with a painful expression looking at her, he mustered up his courage and finally shouted: “Eat!”

“…….” What’s there to eat?

“I am a special lotus, if you eat my petals, it can purify your blood and remove all impurities within it.” Little lotus declared with vigor and pride.

Jun Wu Xie eyes lit up when she heard that. No one knew better than her, how rare was it to purify one’s blood? Even if a medicine is amazing, there was still a limit. To be able to condition the human body and to improve the physique was possible to truly cleanse the body of all impurities was akin to being reborn!

In her previous world, despite technology and medicine being very well developed, many Scientists were still researching genes and how they affect the human body, but still have not found any suitable methods.

If what Little Lotus claimed was true, then he really is important!

In order to determine if little lotus was speaking the truth, Jun Wu Xie held onto his little tender arm…although she knew the little guy in front of her was in fact a white lotus, the appearance of him in human form made it difficult for her to act any further. She brought his arm to her lips and looked at him, he was already bawling with huge teardrops falling.

“………….” She really wasn’t a monster.

Softly sighing, she put his tender little arm down.

Although the little lotus was ‘determined’ to be useful to his mistress, when he saw that she had put his arms to her lips, he couldn’t control his own fear and tears started falling on its own. When the expected pain did not come, he had mixed feelings – he was really very happy not to be eaten but… his mistress will feel that he is really useless and abandon him.

“I…I am really not afraid of pain…..” Little Lotus weakly declared.

Jun Wu Xie glanced over to his red and watery eyes.

“………” Little Lotus was instantly discouraged.


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    1. Right? ‘Uhh…’ is the right word for this chapter, lol. And why is it that lotuses are usually the flower that appears in Chinese novels?

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