Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss

Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss Chapter 94: “Second Slap (2)”

August 26, 2016


5th regular happy dose of the week~

This will be the only chapter for today, sorry! 

Goodnight everyone!


  1. I think your stire has been hijacked. Had to switch to adblocker browser on my android since I kept being redirected to clickbait scams. Apparently I’ve won something from Cloogle and my Android is infected and i need to call right now to ‘fix’ it.

    1. Hi Katt, I’m so sorry to hear that! Thanks for highlighting, really appreciate your feedback, have looked into it, should be fixed already, do let me know if you ever see anything suspicious!Thanks again. Want to make sure everything comes out right for everyone to have a pleasant reading experience. Cheers! =)

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