Dark Beast Summoner Ch 133.2

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Chapter 133.2: Elixir Cultivation Competition


In the end, it was only when a countless number of cultivation greats came together and sacrificed themselves to call forth a grand cosmic array that the evil Dark Tribe was completely annihilated.

The death toll had been grievously heavy with more than half the number of spirit cultivators dead throughout the realms. The succession of many types of power passed down by blood and countless skills and techniques was severed, with uncountable species of magical herbs and medicines becoming lost to the world forever.

The Immortals Bridge that led to the immortals realm was broken, and for the past tens of thousand years, neither man nor demon were able to attain immortality through cultivation.

Progress in the various realms and continents fell back by tens of thousand years as well.

The only good thing that came out from it was that the Dark Tribe of evil had been completely destroyed.

But Little Vermillion continued to say: “Although it was said that the evil Dark Tribe was destroyed, who knows whether that is really true. These people were so highly skilled in deception and adept in disguising themselves, that they would never be discovered if they were to just slip themselves into the mix of people, as long as they kept their evil aura well and properly concealed.”

It was feared that the evil Dark Tribe was silently building their strength, and biding their time to strike.

“The Mermaid Pearl in MIstress’ hand will not only be able to keep evil at bay, it will also alert Mistress when people from the Dark Tribe are near. When the Mermaid Pearl grows hot, it means that someone from the Dark Tribe has appeared nearby.” Little Vermillion explained.

Little Bird piped up with a laugh. “Little Vermillion should not alarm Mistress unnecessarily. That is just what you are guessing. I think that the evil Dark Tribe has definitely been wiped out. The Cosmic Grand Array back then was so terrifying, which annihilated all the evil entities. It is not possible that anyone from the evil Dark Tribe could have survived!”

Little Vermillion laughed as well. “I was just reminding MIstress of any possible danger, and it would of course be best if the evil Dark Tribe was completely rooted out! Throughout my life, I hate people from the evil Dark Tribe the most! They should not even have existed in the first place!”

Mu Wushuang grasped the Mermaid Pearl tightly in her hand, taking Little Vermillion’s words to heart.

For some things, prevention was always better than to cure.

And in all things, one should always be mentally prepared.

Not long after, Mu Wushuang and her beautiful little brother walked out from the vicious astral winds.

And Long Aotian stepped out just behind them.

There was no sign of Concubine Yao, which meant that Long Aotian had already dealt with her.

Mu Wushuang did not care about Concubine Yao at all, and it did not bother her whether that woman lived or died.

Once they stepped out, Mu Wushuang immediately put on her veil hat.

“City Lord Long, let me thank you for your hospitality. We will be returning to the Imperial Capital after this. As for the few other captives, just release them.”

“Yes Young Miss, your subordinate will make the arrangements immediately.”

Long Aotian quickly replied.

“Sis, after what Mu Ningxue did to you, you’re still asking City Lord Long to let her go?”

Mu Yuheng turned to ask his elder sister.

“Although she’s vicious, isn’t Mu Ningwei worse than her?” Mu Wushuang curved up the corners of her lips. “Just let the two vicious dogs go fight each other.”

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