Dark Beast Summoner Ch 130.2

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Chapter 130.2: The Lord’s Things Is Also Yours


They must be laughing at her inside their hearts!

“Why, City Lord? Why can’t your concubine go inside but those two can?”

Concubine Yao questioned in indignation.

Long Aotian’s brow furrowed up. Concubine Yao had always been dutiful and pliant in the past but she was suddenly acting so wilful and unruly all of a sudden. She was really crossing the line here. Fortunately, the Lady Mistress and her younger brother had already gone on ahead, and might not have heard Concubine Yao.

Long Aotian stared at Concubine Yao as he said in a stern voice.

“Are you questioning the City Lord’s words now?”

Concubine Yao’s heart sank. She knew that the City Lord always liked women who are sensible and rational and hated women who did not know their place. She quickly put on a gentle smile and started to say.

“Your concubine spoke out of turn here. Will the City Lord please keep safe and your concubine will just wait here for the City Lord.” 

“Good that you understand.”

Long Aotian nodded his head slightly and quickly went to catch up with Mu Wushuang and her younger brother.

Concubine Yao watched their departing backs, her teeth clenched so tightly together they were almost going to break. 


“What robust spirit energy!”

After walking for about an hour, Mu Yuheng suddenly cried out in amazement.

The path had opened up into a wide cavern and the black rock walls were littered with clear and crystalline white stones. The carts on the ground were filled with those shiny white stones and one’s mood was lifted with exhilaration just by looking at them. 

“These stones here are all spirit stones and this spot we’re standing in is the spirit stone mine that was discovered.”

Long Aotian said in explanation.

Mu Wushuang stretched her hand out to pick up a piece of the stone off the rock. It was as big as a fist and holding it in her hand, she could feel the purity and robustness of the spirit energy in the stone very clearly. So this is a spirit stone.

“I want to eat that! Give it to this little lord here to munch on!”

The little phoenix’s excited squeal suddenly sounded in her mind.

A corner of Mu Wushuang’s lips curved up and she said: “Let me hear you call me Mistress first.”

The little phoenix was proud and stuck up. It had been six days and it had adamantly refused to address her as its Mistress even once when it was the one who acknowledged her as its owner back then.

She’ll see whether the little bird would call her Mistress with all these spirit stones before them.

“No I won’t!”

The little phoenix said in a huff, and buried its head inside the Chinese Parasol Tree.

“Oh you’re not going to? Alright. Then I will have no need for these spirit stones anymore.”

Mu Wushuang then put the spirit stone down.

The little phoenix’s head quickly popped back out. It could see all the shiny crystalline spirit stones glittering upon the rock walls. Seeing them but unable to eat them, it felt like its drool was going to dribble down its beak.

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