Dark Beast Summoner Ch 130.3

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Chapter 130.3: The Lord’s Things Is Also Yours


“Young Miss. You can keep the spirit stones. The Lord said that all the spirit stones in the mine are yours.”

When Long Aotian saw the Lady Mistress put down the spirit stone she picked up, seemingly uninterested, he quickly piped up to say.

“All for me?”

Mu Wushuang asked in surprise.

There were so many spirit stones in here, its value inestimable. And the Imperial Uncle was giving all of this to her?”

“That’s right. The Lord recently ordered your subordinate to come extract from this spirit stone mine or I would not have known that there was a vein of spirit stone ore here at all. My Lord also said that anything that belongs to him is also yours!”

Mu Wushuang lowered her eyes, as she sank into deep contemplation.

So, the Imperial Uncle knew that there was a vein of spirit stone ore in this place all along and he left it specially for her?

He has a divine beast of his own and would definitely be aware that divine beasts consume spirit stones as sustenance. So he had planned this for her all along? Is that really the case?

She felt a little moved and an incomprehensible feeling surged into her heart, not knowing whether it was out of sweetness or burden.  

Especially the words that said anything that belonged to him was also hers, which caused the corners of her lips to lift up uncontrollably.

No matter what, the Imperial Uncle had really resolved the immediate trouble she was faced with.

“City Lord Long, how many spirit stones are there in total here?”

Mu Wushuang asked as she gazed around the mine.

“Young Miss, this is just a small vein, so there isn’t really all that much. It looks like it will yield about four to five thousand pieces, and they are just low grade spirit stones.”

Long Aotian said in reply.

Four or five thousand pieces should be quite a lot.

Mu Wushuang thought to herself, and then decided to ask the two handsome artifact spirits instead. “With this amount of spirit stones, how long can it last for the little phoenix’s consumption?

“Probably until its second awakening at most.”

Little Vermillion said after thinking about it for a moment.

“So many spirit stones and it will only give it its second awakening?”

Mu Wushuang was shocked. She had thought that four to five thousand spirit stones was really a lot!

“It’s because these are low grade spirit stones. Low grade spirit stones are inferior to mid grade spirit stones, and contain far less spirit energy than high grade and ultimate grade spirit stones. In ancient times, divine beasts usually fed only on ultimate grade spirit stones and would scorn on low grade spirit stones. But as the Nine Heavens Continent is a low level realm, there are no ultimate grade spirit stones at all. Even high grade spirit stones are pitifully scarce.” Little Vermillion said in explanation.


How heart wrenching.

She had thought that four to five thousand spirit stones was a lot, but it turned out to be not even enough, and low grade spirit stones were actually spurned by divine beasts.

She was really lacking as its owner. She had starved the little phoenix for almost six days and was only able to feed it with low grade spirit stones now.

“Mistress, do not be discouraged. We can still look for other spirit stone veins.” Little Vermillion said encouragingly.

“Mm. I know. Oh right. Will we be able to fit so many spirit stones into the dimensional space?”

Mu Wushuang suddenly thought of that and went on to ask.

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