Dark Beast Summoner Ch 131.3

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Chapter 131.3: Beat Up That Crybaby


The nest was built on the Chinese Parasol Tree back in ancient times and it was enormous. But the several hundred spirit stones still filled the nest fully, almost spilling out.

When the little phoenix saw that there were so many spirit stones, its eyes immediately lit up as it stared delightedly at the pile of spirit stones. It flicked its beautiful long tail happily and started to munch on the spirit stones blissfully, gobbling down a stone at a time.

Mu Wushuang watched as it munched away adorably, her face filled with a smile but a twinge of regret sat within her heart.

As a divine beast, the little phoenix was so easily satisfied, eating away so happily even though they were just low grade spirit stones.

As its Mistress, she would definitely give it the best spirit stones there ever was in future!

But a pity there were no ultimate grade spirit stones in the Nine Heavens Continent. So she would have to raise her cultivation level quickly, to leave this low level continent that was like a confining cage, and move on towards new and wider horizons!

It wasn’t long before Long Aotian brought in the rest of the spirit stones.

After Mu Wushuang kept them away, she pulled out a bottle of elixirs and gifted it to the man.

“These are Minor Recovery Elixirs. It’s a gift to City Lord Long in return for the hospitality you’ve shown us.”

“Minor Recovery Elixirs?”

Long Aotian thought that the name sounded rather familiar.

But he just could not recall where he could have heard that before at that moment. He did not give it much more thought as he kept the elixirs the Lady Mistress had given to him as a gift safely away.

It was not until they walked out to the entrance of the mine that he suddenly remembered what the Minor Recovery Elixir was!

Isn’t the Minor Recovery Elixir the pill that suddenly became explosively popular in the Howling Moon Dynasty’s Imperial Capital just recently? The elixir restores a person’s spirit energy in an instant and it was said that it was hard to even find a half finished elixir to buy with any sum of money! 

And the Lady Mistress was giving such a rare and precious elixir to him as a gift! ?

“Young Miss, I cannot accept this bottle of elixirs. It is too precious a gift.” When Long Aotian realized how precious and valuable the bottle of elixirs was, he immediately took it out and tried to return it to Mu Wushuang.

“The City Lord should just keep it. They’re merely grade one elixirs.”

Mu Wushuang waved her hand dismissively. She had practiced elixir making with Minor Recovery Elixirs for a while and she had cultivated quite a lot of them.

Though they were rare and expensive in other people’s eyes, it was nothing worth mentioning at all to her.

“City Lord, you’ve come out safely.”

Concubine Yao went up to greet with a smile, almost latching onto Long Aotian like an octopus.

They were inside for so long and the Heavens knew what they were doing in there, which got her frantic and anxious, cursing and calling her sultry vixen many countless times.

Now that they have finally come out, she saw that Mu Wushuang had given the City Lord a bottle of elixirs.

She sneered coldly inside. To think that she would have the cheek to even offer grade one elixirs as a gift. The siblings must have come from a lowly and inferior background.

The City Lord has no lack of much better things in his possession! Would he even accept such trashy grade one elixirs? How laughable!

She finally could not hold herself back anymore as she went to say to Mu Wushuang, her tone dripping with sarcasm.

“Let me tell this Young Miss here. Our City Lord has nothing that he lacks. The City Lord’s manor has all kinds of grade three and four elixirs in there and even the elixirs given to the servants would be better than a grade one elixir. I think that you’d better keep this bottle of elixir for your own use.”

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