Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss

Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss Chapter 27: “Healing Hands (1)”

June 28, 2016

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Chapter 27: “Healing Hands (1)”

Jun Qing’s situation was not as bad as everyone had made it out to be. It looked as though the poison had penetrated the bone marrow, as the lotus seed actually cleanses the bones and as it purges all the toxins out, these will be purged out from the pores of the body together with the sweat. Before the process is complete, this accumulation of discarded toxins will confuse people and think that the terrifying amount of poison had actually reached his heart and hence the death verdict.

In actual fact, it was not so dangerous!

Jun Wu Xie placed Jun Qing on a flat position as she wanted to smoothen the detoxification process. She swiftly took out a needle bag as she pulled out a long slender needle and accurately pierced a main meridian point. She continued on with a few other points to unblock them with the intention to increase his blood circulation and to hasten the process and put an early end to his ordeal.

As she was self immersed in an ethereal state as she skillfully used her needles to treat him, she was oblivious to her surroundings. When she had initially pulled out the needle, the man could not take it anymore and had stepped forward to stop her when the equally shocked Jun Xian raised his hand and blocked him.

They stood beside the bed and watched her quietly as she skillfully and accurately unblocked his meridians. They had all seen Jun Wu Xie grow up and had never expected her medical skills to be so good.

“Prepare ten stoves in the room and shut the door and windows.” she calmly ordered.

“What are you up to? He’s your Uncle! Can’t you see, he’s dying!” The man bellowed. He could not take it any more! Jun Qing was already so sickly and his sweat had soaked through the sheets and she still wanted him to be cooped up in the room with ten stoves?!

Jun Wu Xie glanced over and spoke in a cold voice, “I don’t speak to idiots.”

She did not care about how horrid his expression was, she simply carried her black cat in her arms and left.

There was nothing wrong with Jun Qing’s detoxification process but his body was very weak as his lower body was immobile for too long. His internal organs were all in disarray, hence even if the bones are cleansed, she still needed to help him rebuild his whole body constitution to what it was before, or even better! Now, her main goal was to purge out all the remaining toxins in the shortest time possible.

She immediately rushed to get the prescription for stabilizing and boosting his internal system.

In Jun Qing’s room, the air was very stifled as the man’s face was as black as coal while Jun Xian wore a heavy expression.

As Jun Xian watched Jun Qing Ying on the bed with that deathly pale complexion, Jun Xian was struggling for a bit when he finally ordered, “Prepare ten stoves! Shut the doors and all the windows tight!”

“Lin Wang, you would even let the Little Miss mess with his life?” He gave Jun Xian an incredulous look.

Jun Xian sighed. “You’ve heard what all the other doctors have said. They said there was no way to cure him. They have all given up on him. The fact that there is a glimmer of hope, no matter how ridiculous it is, I am going to try it. I have only one son left and I’m not going to let him leave me so easily. Even if the chance is one in a million, I’m going to cling onto it.”

He was pushed into a corner and had no way out. He was willing to risk it all, after all, what did he have to lose?

When he saw his granddaughter’s skill with the needle, a glimmer of hope ignited within. He’d rather place his hope within his family!

“You are going to place all your hopes in her? How long has she dabbled in medicine for? This is too much! It’s a life you are playing with! Isn’t Qing Yun Clan Sovereign’s disciple currently residing in the Royal Palace? Even if his Majesty doesn’t agree, I’m going to tie her up and drag her here!” He argued bitterly.

Jun Xian shook his head. “Jun Qing’s been poisoned too heavily, even the Sovereign cannot neutralize it, what more his disciple? Even if you tie her up and drag her here, what’s the point? It’s no use…”

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