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Genius Doctor Black Belly Miss

Translator: Misty Cloud

This is one story that got me stuck… and it’s really well paced with great character development … let’s enjoy this adventure together~”

Wow, reading all the little thank you comments really spur me on, thank you everyone! And yes, each chapter in the novel is originally very short, I do not summarize it, in fact, I do try to lengthen it too!

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Insanely Pampered Wife: Genius Doctor Fifth Young Miss

Translator: Misty Cloud

Another entertaining novel with many interesting characters introduced. Main Character with an amazing family.

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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Translator: Misty Cloud

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Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Translator: Z

Alais: Z  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Hobbies: Reading, tl-ing, eating

Bio: Experienced translator but stopped due to exams. But with the conclusion of major life changing exams, I shall resume

tl-ing activities. Hope you readers will enjoy this new novel Misty is bringing you ^_^

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    I cannot use my home WiFi network to read the novels on this website.
    Not just the novel page but the whole website.
    It is only giving me the Forbidden error. It says I don’t have the permission to accesss / on this server.
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  2. Im a newbie here,,tnx a lot for the trans,,and i hope i can support u guys even more,,,,im really into chinese novel,,and i really like miss black belly,,,is there anyone knows a cnovels with tye same plot,,aside from princess weiyang?

  3. I really thankful for all the translations,,im into cnovels these days,,im so hooked with ms black belly,,,im new here,,hoping for more updates and trans soon,,,thanks a lot and fighting,,!!!

  4. I hope you read these comments. You have no idea how happy it makes me every time you post a new chapter. Thank you so much. I appreciate having a strong non slutty heroine to read about.

  5. If you won’t mind a project suggestion there is a project called “Xiao Qi! Wait” i’m unsure if its been dropped by trungtnguyen123, but I can ask if you like. Its a relatively short project about 70 chapter with a few side stories.

    1. Hi Thanks so much for your suggestion, I’m gonna concentrate on Genius Doctor Black Belly miss for now, I’m also editing Accompanying the Phoenix so got my hands pretty tied at the moment, but thanks once again, hope someone picks it up soon!

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